2.3. Upgrading Central Management

To upgrade from a former version of Central Management a simple installation of the latest version is enough.

All existing Central Management configuration and data will be kept during the upgrade.

Clean re-installation

To install the product from scratch instead of an upgrade, perform the following steps

  1. Uninstall previous version

  2. Delete installation directories (see 2.1. System requirements for directories in use)

  3. Clean-up Windows registry (applies for Windows installations only)

  4. Install the current version

WARNING! Potential data loss

In case of a clean reinstall, data from the previous installation will be lost.

Legacy instances

Metadefender Core versions before v4.7.0 are considered as legacy instances.

On upgrade, all instances will be moved to group called Legacy regardless of version.

  • From version v4.7.0, instances can be moved to other group by removing from Legacy group then adding to the desired one.

  • Legacy instances (before v4.7.0) can be only added to Legacy group and cannot be moved to other group.

  • Configuration of legacy instances cannot be updated from Central Management.