5.2.9 Version 5.2.6

5.2.6 Central Management release

26 February, 2019

Central Management 5.2.6 is a feature release to providing a mechanism to detect status of MetaDefender Client instances. In addition, providing features to search for instances and export them to either CSV or PDF.

New features

Detect and display Managed Status of MetaDefender Client instances

Now Central Management can analyse the Managed Status of MetaDefender Client instances.

There are two kinds of Managed Status of MetaDefender Client instances: "Managed" and "Not Managed"


Engine status in health score

Make the engines' status more reflected in the health score


Search for instances by either instance name, address or version

Providing a search feature in the Instances menu.

User now can search for a specific instance by either "instance name", "address" or "version".

Export a list of instances to CSV and PDF

User now can export a list of instances to CSV or PDF



"Managed Status" column width is a little smaller than "Address" one

Make the width of "Managed Status" and "Address" columns more relevant

Password support in API key section

API key is now hidden.