5.2.5 Version 5.2.2

5.2.2 Central Management release

10 August, 2018

Central Management 5.2.2 is a maintenance release most importantly to fix the engine update issues over slow or limited network connections.

New & improved

Support anonymous LDAP and Active Directory bind

From now it is possible to send anonymous bind requests to LDAP and Active Directory services. At the time of LDAP or AD bind it is possible to perform some kind of machine-to-machine authentication providing a user name and a password. Performing an anonymous bind, however, this authentication is skipped.


For some further details read the instructions how to connect to an LDAP or AD server.


Engines not updating over slow or limited network connections

Some engines did not update on managed MetaDefender (Core) instances that were connected to Central Management over limited network connections.

The limits have been raised, now Central Management and instance communications work even over very slow connections.

UNKNOWN error message

When an instance's REST service was listening on HTTPS but the REST ADDRESS URI was specified as http://... during the creation of the instance, then Central Management displayed an error message simply saying UNKNOWN.


The error message have been modified to be much more specific to its cause.

License and engine status calculations were wrong on the Dashboard

On the Dashboard > Overview page, the LICENSE STATUS and the ENGINE UPDATE STATUS always displayed 100%. It is fixed now to give the correct values.