UI Localization / Customization for MetaDefender Kiosk

You can change the language displayed in MetaDefender Kiosk from the ‘CHOOSE LANGUAGE’ drop-down menu.

The default languages included in the installation are English, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Vietnamese, German, and Japanese.

If you wish to edit the translations of any of the existing languages in the MetaDefender Kiosk UI, you can do so by clicking on ‘VIEW AND EDIT LANGUAGES’ at the bottom of the page, under USER INTERFACE tab of Kiosk configuration.


After clicking ' VIEW AND EDIT LANGUAGES ', you can choose which language to edit from the drop-down menu next to ‘CHOOSE LANGUAGE TO UPDATE’.


You can edit the translations for any of the strings which appear in MetaDefender Kiosk. Once finished, click on ‘APPLY’ button.


Future Support

Add and delete language currently not available.