2.2. Installing Central Management

Installation steps:

  1. Download the package of your choice from the OPSWAT portal,

  2. Install the package on your computer via the command line or via the installation wizard,

  3. Open a web browser and point to (<server name or IP> is the DNS name or IP address of the server; the port number may be customized during the installation):

     http://<server name or IP>:8018
  4. Complete the required steps of the basic configuration wizard,

  5. Activate this deployment to use its features.

Installation notes

  • If the Central Management package dependencies are not installed on your system you may need to have a working Internet connection or you may have to provide the Installation media during the installation. Consult your operating system documentation on how to use installation media as a package repository.

  • During installation the databases might need to be upgraded. This could take noticeable time.