12. Release notes

MetaDefender Core v4.21.0

Released on 14 June 2021

This is a major release focused on big feature with Docker container support, synchronous scan and Azure OIDC support!

New features / Behavior changes


Docker container support

A new deployment support for MetaDefender Core on docker container environment.

Supporting for Linux based environment (CentOS / RedHat, Ubuntu / Debian). Windows based more to come later.

Comes with 2 options: (1) Docker images hosted by OPSWAT (2) A build kit with docker file and scripts to use with your own docker image.

10.6. Docker containerization

Synchronous scan

One more new scan API interface for Core with a sync mode (blocking mode). That helps ease integration hassles on some of your web applications.

The connection of file submission request must be held by client side until MetaDefender Core returns processing result of individual scan when finished, or return data ID associated to that request if timed out (which is configurable).

8.1.13. Processing Files (Synchronous Mode)

Scan performance improvement

Optimized for resource conflict handling, even better under high scan rate with many AV engines.

Azure AD supported with OIDC

Continuous Sigle-Sign-On (SSO) improvement with OIDC supported for Azure AD.

New scan result "Potential Unwanted" for PUA/PUP

Applicable to AV engine scan result. Processing results

Crash dump auto collected for support package

Only if crash dump is available for MetaDefender Core related processes.

Statistics page enhancement

New section"Custom Regular Expression" applicable to Proactive DLP.

Proactive DLP settings limit range extended

Extended maximum character length limitation of Proactive DLP settings under workflow rule.

Secure the integration with Central Management product

The integration credentials meet complexity requirement.

Retain password protection for RAR file sanitization

A new option for RAR file could be found under CDR tab in workflow rule, applicable to password protection for archive sanitization.

More data points for /stat/nodes API endpoint


  • Total disk space

  • Total scan queue

  • Service uptime

Upgrade 3rd party libraries

  • Built-in PostgreSQL 12.3 to 12.6

  • Lodash 4.17.10 to 4.17.21

Product upgrade process enhancement

For back-end processing efficiency when upgrading MetaDefender Core from standalone to shared DB mode.

Bug fixes

Product upgrade issues

Fixed some failures when upgrading the product with malform data in database.

Default workflow template mistakenly modified with Central Management integration

On Central Management, changing any setting in a new workflow rule unexpectedly resulted in changing associated workflow template.

Wrong data in PDF report for processing result

Under certain circumstances, some information in PDF report could be invalid / misleading.

Incorrect blocked_reason in tombstone file

When processing an archive file contains at least one child file returning Sanitization Timed Out / Sanitization Failed.

Minor fixes

Some other minor bug fixes.