12. Release notes

MetaDefender Core v4.20.1

Released on 31 Mar 2021

This is a maintenance release focused on bug fixes

New features / Behavior changes


MetaDefender Core's PostgreSQL database admin credentials management

Supported via both web management UI and CLI tool to change Core's PostgreSQL database information.

The CLI tool could be used for older PostgreSQL based Core versions as well (4.19.0 to 4.20.0)

More details: 3.8.4 Database Settings Management

MetaDefender Core upgrade mechanism changes

Ensure the old product database is always kept regardless upgrade result, and easier to rollback when needed.

Bug fixes

MetaDefender Core upgrade failures

Addressed various upgrade failures occurred with Core version 4.20.0

Scan stuck until timeout hit under certain circumstances

Possibly happened with Core 4.20.0 when the data retention is enabled for sanitized / DLP processed file, and only when the system keeps processing the same file over again while running the data retention.

This issue could only be applicable when CDR and(or) DLP feature is used.

MetaDefender Core service failed to start

Encountered when the Core's PostgreSQL database admin password contains special characters */-+"?<>:{}[]()*&^%$#@!~`';.,\

Invalid batch signature

Due to a bug in 3rd party library, batch signature could be invalid.

MetaDefender Core service issue on docker

Only applicable when replacing systemctl to start Core service within docker container.

MetaDefender Core service failed to start automatically after reboot

Thus sometimes required manual start action.

Minor fixes

Some other minor bug fixes.