(New) Skip hash calculation setting

This feature is supported since MetaDefender Core 4.19.1

“SKIP HASH CALCULATION” setting must be enabled under “ADVANCED” tab on each desired workflow rule to make this feature triggered (disabled by default).


Support an option to skip hash calculation on every processing file (using dummy hash values instead) regardless it is individual file or a part of archive.

Expecting to be used against big file processings to significantly reduce overall processing time.

When enabled, expecting file based vulnerability assessment feature will no longer work since the Vulnerability engine requires file hash value as an input.

For example:


In JSON scan result, it reveals dummy values used for that file scan request:

  • is_skip_hash key will be set to true should be used as a flag for client integration.

  • Dummy hash values format:

    • MD5: <that file scan itself’s data ID>

    • SHA1: <that file scan itself’s data ID>ffffffff

    • SHA256: <that file scan itself’s data ID>ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff