8.1.12. Scan via download link

Since MetaDefender Core 4.19.1, the product started supporting users to process file by just specifying a direct download link, which means no required for the payload in HTTP(S) request body.

Once setting up properly on file analysis request, Core will proactively download file and use it as a payload for further processing as usual.

  • Supported protocol: HTTP / HTTPS

  • Support both individual file scan (both webhook & non-webhook) and file processing in batch via link

  • Configurable setting under workflow rule (under "SCAN" tab):

    • Download timeout

    • Max file size to download

  • Support to return status of download progress back to client in HTTP(S) response

  • Pre-check supported to refuse downloading if the file size does not meet configured conditions, and/or MetaDefender Core's temp folder does not have sufficient disk space to save the downloaded file

Check out all child pages to learn how to use this feature.


  • Redirect download link is not supported

  • Retry to download is not supported