7.5. Database Defragmentation and Optimization

Since MetaDefender Core 4.19.0 comes with PostgreSQL DBMS, the database deframentation and optimization is performed silently in the background, thus the Maintenance UI page is deprecated since Core 4.19.0

When your scan database grows big, it might cause performance degradation (e.g. timeout on client requests).

Since MetaDefender Core 4.18.0, admin user will be notified on the UI (also in product logs) when the processing history database file size exceeds over 10 GB.

Admin user is supported to perform database maintenance including defragmentation and optimization without loss of actual scan data under Settings > Maintenance page. As a result, your database file size could be reduced which helps boost processing performance tremendously over usage time.

Caution: Please only use this feature when your entire scanning service is at rest.

images/download/attachments/8462058/image-20200518-105801.png images/download/attachments/8462058/image-20200518-105903.png

Hitting “APPLY” to apply all changes and restart MetaDefender Core service (or “REVERT” to roll back changes).

By default, only the “admin” user role can see this Maintenance page and make the changes, but you can configure to grant access to other user roles if desired.