1.6 Sizing guide

This document describes a subset of the configuration and sizing options for MetaDefender Vault. If a more detailed technical sizing is required, please contact OPSWAT Support or your sales representative .


CPU cores





4 GB

8 GB

16 GB


1 GbE

1 GbE

1 GbE

Files per hour*

10 000

20 000

50 000

Number of users


1 000

10 000

*Estimate number calculated using an average 0.7 sec/file processing time by Metadefender Core and <10 MB average file size.

Storage information is not included because storage space should be allocated based on users needs.

If Amazon S3 or Network Storage is used then storage on the Vault machine does not need to exceed 100 GB.

Hardware specifications should take into consideration the network speed of the MetaDefender Vault users that are uploading/downloading files. More CPU power will be needed to be able to serve many slow clients.

The sizing guide does not include information for a scenario where MetaDefender Core is installed on the same machine as MetaDefender Vault. Please refer to MetaDefender Core user guide to learn more about sizing information for MetaDefender Core.