5. Global Settings

The following settings apply to all users and all files uploaded via MetaDefender Vault. Changing any of these settings will only affect files uploaded after the setting has been changed.

You can configure the default settings by going to SettingsGlobal Settings. Please note that you will need administrator privileges.

Authentication required/No authentication

This setting specifies if the files uploaded using MetaDefender Vault can be downloaded with or without requiring the user to log in before downloading.

Allow users to share files

This option specifies if file sharing between users is allowed or not.


Skipping sanitization

This option, if turned on, allows users to specify if they would like to skip sanitization when uploading files.


File default expiration

Every file has its own expiration so files will not be stored on the server permanently, this is configurable by the administrator.


Block files without sanitization

This option, if turned on, will ensure that files that were not sanitized are not available for download and will reach "Blocked: No Sanitization" state.


Please note that in order for this feature to work 7. Supervisor Approval must be enabled.

Please note that in order for this feature to work 2. Multi-scanning and Data Sanitization must be configured.

Please note that Blocked: No Sanitization state can only be changed by administrators by approving the file in Pending Approval page. Also make a note of the fact that supervisors cannot allow a file in Blocked: No Sanitization state even by approving it.

Limit upload size per file

Enable this option if you wish to set a maximum size limit when a file is uploaded.