2. Multi-scanning and Data Sanitization

Integrating MetaDefender Core

In order to integrate MetaDefender Vault with Metadefender Core please follow 8.3 MetaDefender Core Integration .

Integrating with MetaDefender Core enables:

  • Anti-malware multi-scanning

  • Data sanitization (CDR)

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Vulnerability information

  • Other security features

Use the MetaDefender Core Management Console to configure a file scanning policy that encompasses your security criteria. This requires purchasing, installing, and configuring MetaDefender Core.

Note that this user guide does not detail the MetaDefender Core configuration steps; those steps are available in the MetaDefender Core User Guide.

Viewing scan results for files

From My Files, Shared With Me, Processing History, Approval History or Pending Approval pages you can click on any file to see scanning results.




Advanced configuration and high availability for MetaDefender Core

Follow 8.3 MetaDefender Core Integration in order to configure Metadefender Core in MetaDefender Vault.

Follow Create a MetaDefender Core rule that will apply only to MetaDefender Vault in order to create a MetaDefender Core rule that only applies to files uploaded in MetaDefender Vault.