3. My Files

My Files page is the place where users can see and manage files that they have uploaded in MetaDefender Vault.


Upload files

To upload files click on Upload Files button. A new window will appear like below


To configure advanced settings click on Go to advanced settings button.

When uploading archives you will be able to add a password so that processing is successful even if the archive is password protected .


after uploading a file, uploaded time is displayed on the page

Available actions inside My Files page

  • Create folders by clicking on New folder

  • Download multiple folders and files

  • Move multiple folders and files

  • Delete multiple folders and files

  • Select all files and folders

  • Copy the file/folder download link

  • Refresh the page

  • Edit file tags

  • Edit password

  • Retry processing (available only in case of failures)

  • Sorting

  • Searching (by name or tag)

  • Hide/ Show column displaying


Admin users can select individual files for re-scanning using the actions menu in the right column:


Users can download individual file or folder on My files / Shared with me page using the actions menu in the right column:


Users can select all files and folders on a page using the top checkbox in the left:


Users can copy the download link for files and folders using the action menu in the right:


Edit password

We support to add/edit a password (both ascii and non-ascii )to upload an encrypted file from My Files tab



Sharing files and folders

It is possible to share a file or a folder with one or multiple users by clicking the Share button.

It is also possible to share a file with a group from Active Directory. However, please note that sharing a folder with a group is not yet supported.


Choose with whom you want to share files and folders using the right menu:


Adding or editing file tags

In order to add/edit a tag for a file (that you can later search for) please click on the More actions button (...) and choose Edit file tags for one of the files in the grid.


You can add or edit any existing tags for this file in the edit file tags window.


Currently, we support sorting by Name, Upload date and Expiration date on My Files page

Hide/ Show a column

You can show/hide a column from the cogwheel at the top right of the table. Scan Result, Processing State, Upload Date, and Expiration Date can be toggled.


Search inside a folder

When a user access to a folder and search (by name or tag), the result is returned inside folders, not the whole files on Vault