API Keys

API keys are required in order to enable API integration with other products (e.g. MetaDefender Kiosk, MetaDefender Email Gateway Security).

How to generate API Keys

From the left sidebar menu, go to Settings API Keys page

Clicking the Add API Key button will open a side panel in which you will be able to select the expiration date from the calendar and the expiration hour. The description is used only for you to easily identify the key. For instance, if you plan to have an integration with multiple applications, you can generate a key for each of them in order to have a better control over each.

Use the 'API Key' field to specify your custom key consisting of 30 characters. Then press the Add button. If you wish to use the pre-generated key, just press the Add button without modifying this field.

How to change expiration date for existing keys

You can change the expiration date of the key by clicking the Edit API Key button in the left area. Make any necessary adjustment to the key expiration date in the side menu that appears.