15. Release Notes

1.3.9 MetaDefender Vault

Release Date: 9 October, 2019

MetaDefender Vault 1.3.9 is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes and enhancements

New In This Release

Sharing links for folders

Added the ability to share a link for folders, so that other people can download them

Improved email notifications

The 'Pending Supervisor Approval' email notification contains the name of the user who requested the approval.
The 'Files uploaded from Kiosk' notification contains a link to download the folder with all the session files.

Highlight when an instance is managed by OPSWAT Central Management

When Vault is managed by OPSWAT Central Management, there will be a visual notification and local configuration changes will be prohibited

Displaying the full name instead of the username

From the user interface as well as in email notifications, the user can now be identified using the full name instead of the username

Bug fixes

Using 'localhost' instead of the IP in the email notifications link

After an upgrade, the URL in email notifications would point to 'localhost' instead of the actual IP or DNS name

Listening on all interfaces would sometimes cause web server failures

When the web server was configured to listen on all interfaces ( a failure was possible if the server name was too long

Forwarding a specific header was not working

Forwarding the URL encoded header file_name* would result in a bad request response

Automatic redirect to HTTPS

When a different port than 443 was used for HTTPS there was no automatic redirect from HTTP to HTTPS

File expiration date not converted to local time

When the Japanese language was selected, the expiration date of a file was not correctly being converted to local machine date

The unlicensed notification appears while Vault is still licensed

A notification that Vault is unlicensed would appear one day before the actual license expiration date