15. Release Notes

2.0.4 MetaDefender Vault

Release Date: 13 May, 2020

MetaDefender Vault 2.0.4 is a feature release primarily focused on enhancements and bug fixes

New In This Release

Support for S3 Compatible storage

This release adds support for any kind of S3 compatible storage to be used as a file storage in Vault

Multiple passwords for nested archives

When uploading archives it is now possible to specify a list of passwords that should be used to open any nested files

Bug fixes

Guest account PIN code generation

Too many special characters were added to the automatically generated PIN code

Filter files with Japanese language returns empty

When using the Japanese language to filter files in Processing History no results were produced

Unable to reset password for an account with duplicated information

It was not possible to reset the password for a local account with a duplicated username or password as another Active Directory account

Resizable columns in My Files

Table columns for user accounts in My Files could not be resized