15. Release Notes

2.0.0 MetaDefender Vault

Release Date: 15 January, 2020

MetaDefender Vault 2.0.0 is a major release primarily focused on the implementation of a new user-based licensing model, enhancements and bug fixes

New In This Release

New user-based licensing model

Starting with this release, MetaDefender Vault licensing follows a per-user model where each license contains a maximum number of users that can be enabled.
The administrators will also be notified via email before the license expires and shortly after.

Vault to Vault enhancement

A new transfer policy is available in Vault to Vault that ensures that only files allowed by MetaDefender Core will be sent to the other Vault instance.

Improved handling exceptions in Trusted Network List

Adding an exception for a Trusted Network List rule would only apply for rules that 'Deny' privileges.
Clients that match the exception would still be allowed to upload or download files (as per the rule configuration).

Bug fixes

Filenames with unsupported characters

Control characters in filenames are now removed when the file is being downloaded