Configuring MetaDefender Vault to work with MetaDefender Core

How To Configure

Go to Settings → Core Integration. Choose Add MetaDefender Core.


In order to configure MetaDefender Core, fill out the necessary information on the configuration page:

  • REST URL: used to enable communication between MetaDefender Vault and MetaDefender Core and it should point to the machine where Metadefender Core is installed (e.g

  • API key setting can be used in order to fine-tune the integration and restrict access for the MetaDefender Core installation. Find more details in Generate an API key from MetaDefender Core page

  • Workflow rule name: specify the name of the rule (as configured in MetaDefender Core) to use

  • User agent: specify an user agent to filter rules (as configured in MetaDefender Core)

  • Processing timeout setting can be used to specify a timeout when waiting for results from MetaDefender Core. The timeout can be specify between 3 and 1000000 minutes.


Select actions to be taken when a file is blocked or when processing with MetaDefender Core fails: If you enable Delete the file, the file will be deleted once it is blocked.

When you are done, click on Update. MetaDefender Vault will now process files with MetaDefender Core.

Load balancing and high availability

Using the built-in round robin algorithm

MetaDefender Vault supports multiple MetaDefender Core servers for scenarios where load balancing / high availability is necessary. In order to add another server please repeat the steps above.

Using an external Layer 7 Load Balancer

Load balancing can also be achieved using an external Layer 7 load balancer in order to load-balance multiple MetaDefender Core servers. Using this architecture you can just configure MetaDefender Vault to communicate with the load balancer directly. The load balancer needs to support sticky sessions (using cookies) in order for this scenario to work.

Please visit HTTP(S) - Layer 7 load balancing page from MetaDefender Core user guide in order to learn more about this.