7. Supervisor Approval

This feature enables supervisors to implement access policy for files uploaded using MetaDefender Vault.

Enabling supervisor approval feature


In order to enable Supervisor Approval feature please go to Supervisor Approval Global Settings.

Skipping supervisor approval process is possible for the following cases:

  • Never: default process, every file needs supervisor approval before being available for download

  • When sanitized: files that are sanitized will be automatically approved (do not require supervisor approval)

  • After time span: f iles will be automatically approved after the specified period of time elapses

images/download/attachments/31067700/image2018-10-1_10-47-31.png images/download/attachments/31067700/image2018-10-1_10-48-17.png

Configure supervisors

A user with the supervisor role can perform approval or revoke approval for files. The local administrator account is always a supervisor, but you can configure more supervisors by going to Supervisor ApprovalSetup Supervisor page.


This configuration page allows you to specify one or more supervisor for each of your included organization units. Learn how to include or exclude an organizational unit by going to User Filtering Configuration.

Each supervisor can only approve or reject files of his supervised users (in the same organizational unit). An organizational unit can have any number of supervisors, including none.

Please note that if no supervisors are assigned to an organizational unit, the only user that can approve or deny access to files is the local administrator.

Click the Update button when you are done.

Pending Approval Page

This page allows supervisors to manage files shared using MetaDefender Vault.


On the last column the following options are available:

  • Approve file: make the file available for download

  • Revoke approval: deny access to download the file

  • Retry processing (only visible in case of failures)

On the top of the page the following options are available:

  • Refresh: refresh the grid, without removing filters

  • Filter Only Pending Approval: show only files that require a supervisor's approval

  • Filter Only Denied Approval: show only files that have been denied approval

  • Filter Available: show only files that are available/approved by the supervisor

Approve or revoke multiple files at once

Supervisors can also approve or revoke multiple files at the same time, and not individually.


By selecting multiple files, the following actions will become available:

  • Approve

  • Revoke Approval

  • Delete

  • Download as archive