14. Troubleshooting

To ensure the best help from OPSWAT support, you can create a support package from the user interface in MetaDefender Vault.

Generate Support Package

A support package contains essential information regarding the operating system and OPSWAT software found on the machine.

Content of the support package

The support package contains the following elements:

  • configuration files

  • log files

  • system information

  • network information

  • directory and files information

  • registry key configuration

  • (optional) application log from database

Creating the package

Administrator privilege is required.


  1. From the web user interface, go to Help Center page on the top

  2. Choose a password if you wish to password protect the generated archive

  3. Check Include database dump if you wish to include a dump of the database
    (Note: including a database dump can considerably increase the size of the generated archive)

  4. Click Export packages in order to download the package