Create a MetaDefender Core rule that will apply only to MetaDefender Vault

In order to fine-tune the integration between MetaDefender Vault and MetaDefender Core, you can create a security rule in MetaDefender Core with settings that will apply to all files uploaded to MetaDefender Vault.

How to create a rule only for MetaDefender Vault

  1. In MetaDefender Core Management Console go to Policy → Security Rules → Workflow rules → Add new rule

  2. Name the rule and choose your desired Workflow

  3. For the option Limit to specified user agents enter vault and click Add

  4. Fill out other settings as desired and click Save

  5. Reorder the rules so that the new rule is on top (each rule is processed in order)

You can now upload files in MetaDefender Vault and verify that they are processed using your new rule.