Version 2.0.2

Release date: 16 March , 2020


  • Email notification when exceeding license quota


  • Generated API token expiration changed unexpectedly

  • Database connection errors after startup for non-English operating systems

  • Files with UTF-8 characters in filenames are being renamed at download

  • Increased database connection timeout

  • Popup flicker when adding many files

  • Audit message format issue

  • Table headers are not changed when changing language

Version 2.0.1

Release date: 19 February , 2020


  • Support Microsoft SQL Server as database

  • Limit upload quota for users

  • Change password for existing encrypted documents

  • Messages sent to a Syslog can use CEF format


  • Temporary file created in Windows folder

  • Active Directory synchronization status page

  • License information was not showing existing users count

Version 2.0.0

Release date: 15 January, 2020


  • New user-based licensing model

  • Vault to Vault: transfer only allowed files

  • Improved handling exceptions in Trusted Network List


  • Filenames with unsupported characters

Version 1.4.1

Release date: 11 December, 2019


  • Choose time zone for Syslog. It is now possible to choose a time zone when sending messages to a Syslog server


  • Email Gateway Security integration issue. Uploading attachments to users accounts from Email Gateway Security was not working correctly.

  • Timeout error responses. An API Gateway Timeout error was sometimes returned by NGINX on high load.

  • Unable to create guest accounts when integrated with Central Management

  • When searching for users to share files or folders it was not possible to differentiate them when there are multiple Active Directories

Version 1.4.0

Release date: 20 November, 2019


  • Vault to Vault

  • Two-stage supervisor approval

  • More information about files

  • Cancel MD Core scan on failure


  • Invalid file expiration value

Version 1.3.9

Release date: 9 October, 2019


  • Sharing links for folders

  • Improved email notifications

  • Highlight when an instance is managed by OPSWAT Central Management

  • Displaying the full name instead of the username


  • Using 'localhost' instead of the IP in the email notifications link

  • Listening on all interfaces would sometimes cause web server failures

  • Forwarding a specific header was not working

  • Automatic redirect to HTTPS

  • File expiration date not converted to local time

  • The unlicensed notification appears while Vault is still licensed

Version 1.3.8

Release date: 11 September, 2019


  • Turn on or off any email notification

  • Updated licensing mechanism

Version 1.3.7

Release date: 21 August, 2019


  • Switched to NGINX web server

  • Show expiration date in email notifications


  • Login page was not translated after the language was changed

  • Unable to distinguish Organizational Units based on the display name

  • Scroll bar disappeared on the left side of the menu

  • Guest users cannot upload files when sharing is disabled

Version 1.3.6

Release date: 24 July, 2019


  • Support for partial sanitization results


  • Unexpected redirect to access denied page

  • Error and lack of user messages when deleting files / folders

Version 1.3.5

Release date: 12 June, 2019


  • Supervisors based on Active Directory filter


  • File encryption with CDR

  • License activation through proxy

Version 1.3.4

Release date: 15 May, 2019


  • Retrying mechanism for scan failures

  • License activation through proxy

Version 1.3.3

Release date: 24 April, 2019


  • Network Access Control List

  • Rule Naming


  • Improved UI notifications for bulk actions

  • UI element fix

Version 1.3.2

Release date: 27 March, 2019


  • Instability and UI freezing when configuring an Active Directory with a large number of objects

Version 1.3.1

Release date: 13 March, 2019


  • Added functionality to create local users


  • Multiple notifications did not show up on the screen

  • No feedback when changing security questions

Version 1.3.0

Release date: 13 February, 2019


  • Added support for using MetaDefender Core with a Layer 7 Load Balancer

  • Added bulk download capabilities

  • Longer identifier for guest users


  • Missing navigation in upload files modal

  • Retrying files that have failed processing

  • 7zip archives not recognized as archives in upload modal

  • Notification for file shared with other users contained only one file in the list

Version 1.2.9

Release date: 19 December, 2018


  • Added bulk download functionality

  • Improved user experience when uploading files

  • Added support for password protected archives

  • Added hard links for folders


  • Unable to license users that do not have Domain users as their primary Group

  • Audit page loads faster

Version 1.2.8

Release date: 14 Novemb er , 2018


  • Fully integrated DLP and Vulnerability results in Vault

  • Added file path to the File Status API


  • Block files without sanitization

  • Users could add a file twice in an upload session

  • Active Directory configuration was allowing users to enter invalid settings

Version 1.2.7

Release date: 10 October , 2018


  • Added a function to skip supervisor approval process for sanitized files

  • Added LDAPS integration when configuring with Active Directory

  • Added ability to tag uploaded files that can be searched for later

  • Added ability to rename files and folders

  • Added functionality to delete non-empty folders


  • Unable to log in when syslog was connected and the system loses internet connection

Version 1.2.6

Release date: 12 September , 2018


  • Ability to share folders with other users

  • Ability to share files within an Active Directory Group

  • UI enhancements for empty pages and popups


  • Syslog configuration was not exported during configuration export

  • Admins are now able to delete expired API tokens

  • Active Directory admin was not able to use Kiosk + Vault

  • Export Audit to CSV format would fail on some Windows 7 machines

Version 1.2.5

Release date: 8 August, 2018


  • Added audit messages for folder actions

  • Added ability to send audit logs to Syslog

  • New Japanese language translations


  • Retrieving files from Kiosk

  • Loading times when moving folders

  • Search and filter issues on My Files and Pending Approval

  • Deletion of multiple folders

  • Licensing issues

Version 1.2.4

Release date: 11 July, 2018

New features

  • Added folders in Vault

  • Added support for Kiosk to off-load file processing to Vault

  • Sanitized file names will be retrieved using the output file name format from MetaDefender Core

  • Added a configuration option that allows the administrator to turn on/off file sharing


  • Vault no longer pings Active Directory

Version 1.2.3

Release date: 13 June, 2018


  • Supervisors can only see files of supervised users

  • Additional file states are available in Last Processed Files list in Outbreak Prevention

  • Improvements to Active Directory Sync

  • Scan Results are displayed in Successful Upload email notifications


  • Rolled log files were not included in Support packages

  • Archives with malicious files were not displayed correctly in Scan History

  • Incompatibility issues with Internet Explorer 11

Other Changes

  • Updated EULA and Privacy Policy