6.8. Version 5.2.1

5.2.1 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

January 28, 2021

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 5.2.1 is a maintenance release focusing on minor improvements and fixes.

New & improved

Ignore CDR’s blacklist

If Deep CDR’s Blacklist unsupported file types option is enabled, it was not possible to rescan emails with password protected attachments as password protected files are blacklisted by Deep CDR.

Email Gateway Security can now process emails with password protected attachments as usual even if Deep CDR’s Blacklist unsupported file types option is enabled.

For details see 5.3. Quarantine and 5.6. Password protected attachments.

SMTP IP address configuration

Email Gateway Security now has a Registry option to configure on which IP addresses it listens for SMTP connections.

For details see the smtpaddress option in 4.1. Registry configuration.

Bypass emails after first failure

Email Gateway Security can now be configured to bypass immediately if a subcomponent is unreachable or fails. To do so, under Security Rules > rule / ADVANCED / Override error handling behavior set the appropriate entry to Bypass on first failure. images/download/attachments/5716126/image-20210125-104758.png

For details see 4.4. Policy.

Tag filter field on Quarantine page

Email Gateway Security now supports filtering the quarantine list by the tags applied to the emails. images/download/attachments/5716126/image-20210125-111435.png

For details see 5.3. Quarantine.

Reports' Generated time in local time

The Generated date and time info can now be set to be displayed in the server’s local time (previously it was always UTC). The Generated date and time info now follows the setting under Settings > General / Configuration / Use the server's local timezone. images/download/attachments/5716126/image-20210125-113643.png

For details see 5.4. Reporting.


Misleading Japanese translation

The message MetaDefender Vault upload failed in Emaill History was translating to the incorrect sentence that means successful upload in Japanese.

Vault profile with port 443 failed

Previously it was not possible to create a MetaDefender Vault server profile that used port 443.

Misleading rescan error message

The rescan page always gave the error message Rescanning the email failed: The availability limit expired indifferent from the real error case (e.g. the message was the previous even if the rescan failed because the email previously was successfully rescanned).


Public address removed from CM

The option Settings > General / Configuration / Public server address has been removed from under Central Management control.

Safe URL redirect enabled default

The option Security Rules > rule / Anti-phishing / Enable Anti-Phishing / Enable Dynamic Anti-Phishing is enabled by default for new rules created.