6.2. Version 5.0.1

5.0.1 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

June 8, 2020

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 5.0.1 is a maintenance release focusing on minor improvements and fixes.

New & Improved

More secure advanced passwords

Increased the minimum length of passwords from 8 to 12 characters in case of user directories where enhanced password policy is enabled.

Also prohibiting the the ten thousand worst passwords for user directories with enhanced password policy.

For details see 4.5. Users.

Data retention for failed emails

A separate data retention option is now available for emails with Failed status.

For details see 5.2. Email History images/download/attachments/5715986/image-20200526-152605.png

Force retry email history option

A new option to force retry email processing is now available.

For details see 5.2. Email History images/download/attachments/5715986/image-20200527-110505.png

Automatic log rotation option

Email Gateway Security can now be configured to automatically rotate logfiles.

For details see 4.1. Registry configuration.

Separate port for email rescans

A new option is available to change the TCP port for any non-authenticated rescan requests (e.g. rescanning password protected attachments).

For details see 4.1. Registry configuration.

The [Show result] link (that points to the processing results on MetaDefender Core) is shown for all cases when there was Core side processing. (Previously this link was included for emails only where the processing successfully completed.)

For details see 5.2. Email History.

Upgraded Core and engines

Email Gateway Security upgraded to MetaDefender Core 4.17.3 and new Archive, Deep CDR and Proactive DLP engine versions.

For exact versions see the Recommended MetaDefender Core and engine versions section in 3.1. Prerequisites.

Use recommended component versions

Always use the recommended component versions with Email Gateway Security. Switching to other versions may give unexpected results.


Can’t change roles of AD users

This fix addresses the issue of changing roles of users added through Active Directory type user directories.

For details about user management see 4.5. Users.

AD groups with the same name

This fix ensures that -when setting up filters for security rules- Active Directory groups with the same name still can be differentiated. images/download/attachments/5715986/image-20200527-075508.png

For details about security rules see 4.4. Policy.

Losing emails when AD is down

This fix ensures that Email Gateway Security can accept emails, even when Active Directory is unavailable or down.


Only applies when option Settings > General / Active Directory / Reject recipients when Active Directory is unavailable is not selected. For details see 4.3. Settings.

Expiry date/time of rescan links

Blocked notifications that include a rescan link now display the expiry date and time of the link.

For details see 4.8. Alert, notification and quarantine report emails and 5.5. Password protected attachments.

Body sanitization in the bundle

In Email Gateway Security bundle edition the email body was not sanitized in certain cases.

For details about processing different part of the email see 4.4. Policy. images/download/attachments/5715986/image-20200527-115532.png