6.10. Version 5.3.0

5.3.0 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

May 5, 2021

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 5.3.0 is a feature release. The most important change is the new, scalable architecture that supports theoretically any deployment size.

New & improved

Scalable product architecture

In a scalable deployment Email Gateway Security instances work on a shared email history database. This way all connected instances can see the email history and the quarantine of all the instances. Also, operations on any quarantined email can be performed on emails of any (other) instance.

For details see 1. Licensing, 3.3.1. Scalable deployment, 4.1.1. Scalable deployment related registry configuration, 5.15. Scalable deployment operation.

Quarantine operated by recipients

Quarantine reports are intended to lower the load on Email Gateway Security operations by delegating certain quarantine related tasks to the recipient of the quarantined item.

For details see 4.13. Quarantine reports and 5.17. Quarantine reports. images/download/attachments/5716081/image-20210429-133053.png images/download/attachments/5716081/image-20210429-133100.png

History database backup

To mitigate the risk of losing email history and quarantine data, Email Gateway Security automatically takes backup of the email history database.

For details see 5.16. History database backup.


Webhook over TLS was unstable

Email Gateway Security supports webhooks for MetaDefender Core type server profiles (instead of polling).

Webhooks were not stable when TLS was enabled.

For details see 4.6. Server profiles. images/download/attachments/5716081/image-20210429-133108.png

Retry recent history entries

The function Retry email history entries newer than under Audit > Email History did not work properly. Instead of retrying emails newer than X days, all failed emails were retried.
For details see 5.2. Email History. images/download/attachments/5716081/image-20210429-133119.png


Disclaimer style facelifting

Disclaimer styles have been slightly updated with introducing a completely new style, Critical.

For details see 4.4.1. Disclaimers. images/download/attachments/5716081/image-20210429-133126.png

SMTP AUTH removed

Email Gateway Security's inbound SMTP server listed SMTP AUTH methods PLAIN and LOGIN as supported on cleartext SMTP. These authentication methods are not supported and have been removed from the HELO/EHLO method list.