6.4. Version 5.0.3

5.0.3 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

September 3, 2020

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 5.0.3 is a maintenance release focusing on performance improvements and minor fixes.


Increasing delay in email delilvery

Due to sub-optimal database queries introduced in 6.3. Version 5.0.2, under certain circumstances Email Gateway Security may have caused increasing delay in email delivery.

Email scan failure due to timeout

Under certain circumstances Proactive Phishing Prevention’s URL rewriting functionality threw an error causing emails to fail to scan.

Consecutive rescan notifications

When password protected attachments contained blocked contents, rescan erroneously succeeded and resulted in consecutive rescan notifications due to the presence of the blocked content inside the encrypted archive file.

For details about handling password protected attachments see 5.6. Password protected attachments.

Rescan gave misleading message

Under certain circumstances rescan gave a misleading message implicating that the rescan failed, it did, however, not: images/download/attachments/5716197/image-20200826-130150.png

For details about rescanning emails see 5.3. Quarantine.