3.2. Migration

From MetaDefender Email v3

Migrate to MetaDefender Email Gateway Security v4 first. For details see Migrating from MetaDefender Email v3.

From MetaDefender Email Gateway Security v4

Invalid licenses

Email Gateway Security v4 licenses are not valid in v5 bundle editions. Get in contact with OPSWAT sales to obtain the new licenses.

The standalone edition can be activated using a v4 license.

For details about editions see 1. Licensing

Activation required

The v5 license must always be activated on the instance before Email Gateway Security v5 can start processing emails. For details see 1. Licensing.

Bundle not supported

For migration cases from Email Gateway Security v4, upgrading to the bundle edition of v5 is not supported. For details see 1. Licensing.

Only the standalone edition is supported for migration.

To migrate from Email Gateway Security v4 to v5, simply run the installer of Email Gateway Security v5 standalone edition and perform an upgrade.

Automatic upgrade

All configuration and databases will be migrated automatically to Email Gateway Securtiy v5 standalone edition.