6.11. Version 5.4.0

5.4.0 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

July 5th, 2021

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 5.4.0 is a feature release. The most important news are the S/MIME digital signature support for notification, alert and report emails, and the MetaDefender Cloud integration.

New & improved

MetaDefender Cloud integration (beta)

Email Gateway Security now can be integrated to MetaDefender Cloud for anti-malware scanning and content disarm and reconstruction tasks. MetaDefender Cloud is treated as yet another server specification in the server profile.

For details see 4.6. Server profiles. images/download/attachments/5716053/image-20210628-112815.png

Digitally signing notifications

To trust notification, alert and report emails sent by the product, Email Gateway Security can be configured to digitally sign these emails using S/MIME.

For details see 4.8. Alert, notification and quarantine report emails. images/download/attachments/5716053/image-20210628-121908.png

Upgraded 3rd party libraries

3rd party libraries built into Email Gateway Security are upgraded to their latest version. To mention the most important, security critical ones:

  • OpenSSL: 1.1.1k

  • Qt: 6.1

  • NGINX: 1.21.0

Added support for TLS 1.3

Given by the updated 3rd party libraries, Email Gateway Security now supports TLS 1.3 on HTTPS connections.

For details see 4.2. Transport Layer Security. images/download/attachments/5716053/image-20210628-121744.png


Ceased to support SSL 3.0

Email Gateway Security ceased supporting SSL 3.0 on HTTPS and SMTPS connections.

Sender of notifications & alerts

Configuration of the sender of all notification, report and alert emails is now merged to a single configuration entry under Settings > Alerts & Reports / Sender email address.

Previously all notifications, reports and alerts had their own entry to configure the sender.