1.4. Creating User Accounts Through Active Directory

Configuring Active Directory synchronization

  1. After installing and licensing MetaDefender Vault, go to Settings Active Directories

  2. In order to add users through Active Directory, just go through the AD Settings page and complete with valid data. Information regarding each field can be found here: Active Directories Settings

Note on licensing

Without a valid license, an administrator can still configure the product as desired. Only file upload functionality requires a valid license. In order to get complete functionality, ensure expected behavior, and stay compliant with OPSWAT terms and conditions, you must have a license that has not expired and allowed for a bigger number of users in your Active Directory. For example, if you have 999 users in your Active Directory, you must have a minimum 1000 users license otherwise no user will be able to use core functionality such as upload/download files to/from the user interface or API.