14. Release Notes

1.2.9 MetaDefender Vault

Release Date: 19 November, 2018

MetaDefender Vault 1.2.9 is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes and enhancements

New & Improved

Added bulk download functionality

Users can now select multiple files to be downloaded

Improved user experience when uploading files

Uploading files have been made easier by allowing users to drag and drop files into the upload section. An upload tab has also been added to allow users to elect to skip sanitization or add a password to archives prior to uploading.

Added support for password protected archives

Users can now upload archives with the option to add a password. The functionality is included in the new upload tab.

Added hard links for folders

Use in MD Email integration and Kiosk. Users will be provided a link to the folder–this way a user will be redirected to the folder to view what it's contents are.


Unable to license users that do not have Domain users as their primary Group

This issue occurred because users inside Domain Admins group were not also members of Domain Users or Guests.

Audit page loads faster

Loading of the audit pages took a while in previous versions.