Testing Tool For Sending Email

Bulwarx Email client tester

The tool provides intuitive UI to send email for the purpose of testing setup rather than using telnet.

How To

  1. Download the tool from this link.

  2. Unpack the downloaded zip file and run Bulwarx Tester Client.exe.

  3. Put IP of Metadefender Email and port (10025 is default port).

  4. Fill out sender and recipient email address along with subject.

  5. Choose either html or plan text for message format.

    1. If you choose html: MailTemplate.html will be loaded to email.

    2. If you choose text, MailTemplate.txt will be loaded to email.

    3. If you choose combine, both MailTemplate.txt and MailTemplate.html will be loaded to email.

  6. Add files as email attachments.

  7. Click Send to send email.


Area To Test

  • If email is delivered to mail box if attachment is clean.

  • If email is blocked and quarantined on Metadefender if attachment is blocked by Metadefender.

  • If email is sanitized and original copy of email is quarantined on Metadefender if email is sanitized.

  • Administrator is getting alert for blocked email.

  • User is getting alert for blocked email.

Who is Bulwarx

Bulwarx Ltd. – Founded in 2013 – Is an independent and innovative new force in the Israeli cyber security market. We are striving to serve as a knowledge center in the cyber security field by developing an expertise in the application of leading technological solutions against cyber attacks, providing a comprehensive service which assists in dealing cyber threats and efficient use of all tools and techniques, providing fast response to cyber attacks (or suspicion of such) incidents. Bulwarx uniqueness and one of our greatest strength beyond the ability to provide high quality support, is the proficiency to leverage the capabilities and flexibility of existing solutions by providing development of 3rd party solution to existing or new implementations. In Bulwarx products list you will be able to find the most high-end security vendors in the market including CyberArk, OPSWAT, Forcepoint (formerly Websense), and more.