Increase Capacity and Resiliency

Single Server Capacity

System Profile

Email Consists of


CPU usage

  • 4 Core Processor

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 64 bit OS

  • Metadefender Core 20

  • 30% of emails with no attachment

  • 40% of emails with single attachment (sanitization is not enabled)

  • 12.5% of emails has PDF* attachment (sanitization is enabled)

  • 12.5% of emails has DOCX* attachment (sanitization is enabled)

  • 5% of emails has JPG* attachment (sanitization is enabled)

300 emails / minute


*Files that we used for testing have the following sizes. The result may vary depending on data set you select. We strongly recommend to conduct testing based on your organization email statistics. If you need assistance on the tools for testing, contact OPSWAT support.

  • DOCX: 220 KB

  • PDF: 8 KB

  • JPG: 650 KB

Load Balancing Metadefender Email

For Mail Proxy and Hosted deployment, this is desired configuration to increase the resilience and performance.

In order to achieve the following options should be considered.

  • Using load balancer (e.g., elastic load balancer, barracuda load balancer)

  • Using SMTP failover mechanism on your email gateway (configuration varies depending on the email gateway solution).

Load Balancing (remote) Metadefender Core

This is mainly for onsite exchange deployment scenario. See Multiple Metadefender Core Instances Configuration for further instructions.

Sizing Examples

The following displays two examples in the real production environment. This will provide reference to your sizing and choice of Metadefender package . Neither of the two organizations in the examples experienced latency (more than 100 emails pending for process) in production.


Number of mail box

Number of emails / day

Metadefender Package


Hardware Specification


organization A


35,000 emails

Metadefender v3 core 20


4 CPU cores, 24GB, 140GB disk space

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64

organization B


10,000 emails

Metadefender v3 core 20


4 CPU cores, 16GB, 100GB disk space

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64