4. Onsite Microsoft Exchange Deployment


  • Metadefender Email can only be installed on Hub or Edge role Exchange Servers (2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016).

  • Metadefender Core must be installed on separate machine than the Exchange Server.


Generate Metadefender Email installer package from Metadefender Core Management console. Go to "Source">"Metadefender Email" > "Setup" page, choose "Exchange Agent". Download the Metadefender Email installer, copy it to the Exchange server, and follow the installation wizard to finish installation.


If you get Metadefender Email installer from OPSWAT portal or another source other than the Metadefender Core server you want it to process with, run the installation by opening a command prompt and type the following command:

MetadefenderEmailAgent.exe METASCANAPIKEY=<Mail Agent installer ID> METASCANURL=http://<Metadefender Core IP address>:8008/metascan_rest [ENTER]


  • Replace <Mail Agent installer ID> with the ID shown on Metadefender Core management console source page under Email setup section

  • Replace <Metadefender Core IP address> with the IP address or hostname of the machine where you have installed Metadefender Core.

  • Metadefender Email will automatically detect if Exchange Server is installed or not and install the appropriate edition (Proxy/Exchange)

How To Verify

To verify that the Exchange Transport Agent has been installed successfully, open the Exchange Management Shell and type 'Get-TransportAgent' [ENTER]

Ensure that 'OPSWAT Metadefender' is listed and its enabled state is 'True'

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-TransportAgent
Identity Enabled Priority
-------- ------- --------
Transport Rule Agent True 1
DLP Policy Agent True 2
Malware Agent False 3
Text Messaging Routing Agent True 4
Text Messaging Delivery Agent True 5
System Probe Drop Smtp Agent True 6
System Probe Drop Routing Agent True 7
OPSWAT Metadefender True 8