General and Known Issues


  • If target server requires of authentication, multiple target servers (relay out) is supported when same credential is configured.

  • A separate SMTP server is required for notification.

  • Exchange (malware agent configuration) may block release from quarantine.

  • Email sanitization to HTML may be blocked and attachment may be replaced with text "This attachment was removed because it contains data that could pose a security risk."

  • An attachment that has been sanitized may be larger than the original attachment. As a result, it may be necessary to increase the maximum attachment size setting on your mail server

  • Rich Text (RTF) body sanitization & disclaimers only available when Mail Agent is installed on Exchange server. Unable to render JIRA issues macro, execution error.

  • Email preview does not work for RTF formatted emails in quarantine. Unable to render JIRA issues macro, execution error.

Limitation for Onsite Microsoft Exchange Deployment

  • Mail agent will be installed on Metadefender Core server by default even if separate installation is required on exchange server.

  • Installing Metadefender Core on the exchange server is not supported.