5. Release Notes

Version 5.1.0

New features:

  • MetaDefender Central Management now has the ability to connect to:

    • MetaDefender ICAP Server from version v4.2.1

    • MetaDefender Email Security from version v4.1.3

    • MetaDefender Client from version v4.1.0

    • MetaDefender Kiosk from version v4.2.0

  • Centralized policy management for MetaDefender v4 product family

  • New-looking user interface

  • More informative Overview and Dashboard pages

Issues fixed:

  • MetaDefender v4.9.0 cannot be managed by Central Management

Version 5.0.0RC

New features:

  • Centralized policy/configuration management for Metadefender Core v4 instances

  • New looking, rearranged user interface

  • New instance grouping principles

  • Statistics on all grouping levels

  • Individual log message level override

  • Self-lockout protection, admins can not delete themselves

  • Active Directory integration

  • Role (user group) based rule availability configuration

  • Multiple user roles introduced with different access rights

  • Timezone changed to local in log messages

  • Instance tagging

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed unavailable instance handling

Version 4.2.0

New features:

  • Full audit log about any configuration changes via Web user interface or REST API

  • Able to disable applying update in user configurable time periods

  • Central Management can act as an update source for OESIS product line

  • Able to set up apikey for every user for easier REST API integration

  • Improved hardware detection in license component

  • Modified update distribution to support engine update delivery for Windows emulated engines

  • Improved activation process feedback on web user interface

Issues fixed:

  • Improved reliability of file detection of update pickup from folder feature

  • Fixed unstable update deployment process in certain cases

  • Fixed detection of failed updates on Core instances

  • Fixed message content format in Windows Event log

  • Fixed system wide proxy usage on Windows

  • Improved browser cache handling in case of product upgrades

  • Patched internal nginx web server to fix CVE-2016-4450

  • Improved logging of proxy usage

  • Improved handling of slow offline update package uploads

  • Detailed logging in case of SSL connection issues

Version 4.1.0

  • Added offline update picker feature to make it easy to apply offline updates without user interaction or scripting

  • Improved update deployment process

  • Improved speed of initial package generation

  • Decrease REST API calls to Metadefender Core v3.x instances

  • Improved reporting of unsuccesful update delivery

  • Show update in progress status on Web Management Console

  • Support package generation on Microsoft Windows

  • Added hardware related info into generated support package

  • Option added to log to a remote syslog server

  • Improved system issue notification on Web Management Console

  • Removed unmeaningful database age display of non-anti-malware engines

Version 4.0.1

  • Rebranded to Metadefender Central Management

  • Update deployment fixes

  • Added support for platform based licenses

Version 4.0.0

  • Initial release