3. MetaDefender Client Release Notes

Tips and Known Issues

4.1.22 MetaDefender Client release

17 Dec, 2019

MetaDefender Client 4.1.22 is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes


Delete all MD local folder when uninstall

MetaDefender Client deletes folders:

%appdata%MetaDefenderApp, %appdata%MetaDefenderApp-Installer, %appdata%Metadefender-Local, %appdata%Metadefender-Installer


Scan file with "Failed to connect to host or proxy"

Client retries when fails

Copy result incorrect

Add some more result action

Crashed when scanning boot record

Crash is fixed

"stop_scan" field in exporting file is N/A

This field is not N/A

File size information is incorrect via client UI

File size is shown correctly

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