3. MetaDefender Client Release Notes

Tips and Known Issues

  • If MetaDefender Client is reporting an error in scanning a file, the file should first be scanned through the MetaDefender Core's web interface to determine the cause of the error.

4.1.18 MetaDefender Client release

23 July, 2019

MetaDefender Client 4.1.18 is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes


The client hung if it could not upload files to MetaDefender Vault

The client returns failed in this case

Last engine update displayed the wrong datetime

The client showed N/A if last engine update timestamp was not returned from MetaDefender servers

Disable media blocking option was greyed out

Media blocking option for USB was grayed out

The client got stuck when exporting massive files

Support exporting with command line

Missing " boot records" option in Scan Options

Added "Boot records" option to Scan options to support scanning boot sectors for drives

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