7. Release Notes


  • Fixed bug on MIPS64 architect

  • Provided new functions wa_offline_vmod_read_database_from_string, wa_offline_vmod_read_database_from_path


  • Updated documentation

  • Renamed APIs

    • GetBulkProductsVulnerabilities to GetBulkProductsAndDirectVulnerabilities

    • GetProductVulnerabilities to GetProductVulnerability


  • Updated versioning scheme.

  • Added additional error logging to API output JSON when something goes wrong.

  • Added new API GetSystemVulnerabilities

  • Moved libsnappy into separate namespace to prevent conflicts


  • Reduced stand by memory usage

  • Fixed compile error on gcc 4.4.7

  • Removed pre-compiled libraries from package


  • Made def_date input optional for the CheckSourceDefinition API

  • Fixed def_date always reported as 0 in the output of CheckSourceDefinition API

  • Added ability to compile using C++ 98 instead of C++ 11

  • Future proof against new data types in feeds

  • Added more error codes for engine_latest in the CheckSourceDefinition API

  • Fixed logic bug on date_latest and version_latest metrics for CheckSourceDefinition API

  • Changed produce name to "Vulnerability Module Source"

  • Removed MSB results from GetProductVulnerabilities API

  • Added pre-compiled libs to package (char and wchar interfaces available)

  • New documentation format

  • Fixed a bug when loading database multiple times

  • Added char interface for better performance

  • Added database compression