User Guide

This is the reference document for the Vulnerability Module Source provided by OPSWAT, Inc. This SDK is for developers who want to integrate vmod-based software compliance and vulnerability assessment with their endpoint products. This document contains:

SDK documentation

Documentation of functions, classes and definitions used in the SDK.

SDK class diagram

Getting used to the internal structure of the most important classes used in the SDK.

Introducing Vulnerability Module Source

Fast. Light. Simple. The Vulnerability Module Source provides a single integration point to many of OPSWAT's technologies. With custom packaging, provide your integration with exactly what you need, and only what you need. The architecture is built around the industry standard JSON data exchange format, creating a simple, extensible interface that performs complex invocations fast!

Vulnerability Module Source offers unparalleled ability to check compliance and vulnerability of 3rd party applications on endpoint devices without requiring an Internet connection.

Features of Vulnerability Module Source

Very Simple Application Programming Interface
Provided in a really simple, yet powerful C API that can be wrapped in many different languages (C++, C#, COM, Python, Java, etc..)

Lightweight & customizable packages
Packages have a minimal footprint for your deployment.

Working offline
Querying about applications' compliance and vulnerability without the need to access the Internet.