6. Content Delivery

We’re providing an API through OPSWAT’s gateway servers that will allow you to download common files like update packages using the gateway instead of tracking multiple download links. This document will explain how to get access to the features and use the API.

The API requires you to use a ‘download token’. You will receive your download token when you contact OPSWAT to enable access to the content delivery features. Technical details about download tokens and additional security features are explained next.

The major aspects of the Content Delivery system are as follows:

REST API: Content delivery system is essentially available through REST calls. There is a simple interface with only a couple of important calls needed to perform downloads.

Download token: All REST calls for file download MUST be accompanied with your download token. This is a unique string that tells the gateway that you are authorized to access a file. These tokens have an expiration and will need to be renewed periodically. The token should be present in the header of every REST call.

Downloading the actual file: The gateway is not a file server. It will simply provide you a link to the file you requested. If the file is encrypted, the gateway will give you an AES key to decrypt it. The purpose of the gateway is to provide up-to-date version of files from a single location.

In addition to the above, you can secure communication with the gateway using RSA for authentication.

To gain access to these features contact OPSWAT and inform us which files you need access to through the API. We will provide you with a download token and you can start using the Content Delivery system.

The next section gives a detailed explanation on how to use the REST API.