Why do some methods have very few products supported?

When the support charts show that a method is only supported by a few products there are two possible causes:

1. The method has a very specific use for a narrow set of products.

For example: GetVMState is supported on only a handful of products, but this small group of products represents the most common VM hypervisors.

2. The method is a universal method (method id < 1000) and has a secondary implementation in the manageability module.

Normally the universal (core) methods are not shown in the support charts, but for special cases where the method cannot be implemented in the core module alone we use the manageability module to provide support. When this manageability module dependency exists we list the method in the support chart for that product's signature.

For example, signature #546 (product ID #541) lists "102" as a method of the manageability object. This means that method 102 for this product requires the manageability module. Compare to signature #553 (product ID #548), method "102" does not appear at all. Implicitly this means that method "102" is supported by OESIS core for this product with no other dependencies.

In the two images below, both products support method 102, but the first has a dependency on the manageability module so the method is listed explicitly. In the second signature the method is not shown at all.



This article pertains to OESIS V4.
This article was last updated on 2017-09-12.