8.1 Global Settings

The following settings apply to all users and all files uploaded via MetaDefender Vault. Changing any of these settings will only affect files uploaded after the setting has been changed.

You can configure the default settings by going to SettingsGlobal Settings. Please note that you will need administrator privileges.


User Settings




Disable guest creation by users

Specifies if users can create guest accounts or not. Please note that administrators are still able to create guest accounts. If this option is turned on, users will not see the Users → Guests page on the left menu.

This option is useful when you don't want your users to create temporary accounts and share files with people outside your organization.


Disable editing guest expiration date by users

Use this setting if you wish to control the expiration time of guest accounts created by your users. For example, the following configuration ensures that your users can't create guest accounts that are valid for more than a day.

Default guest expiration period

The default period after which a guest account is permanently removed from the system.

Session Settings




Absolute session timeout period

This option defines an absolute timeout for a session. A session is automatically extended while a user interacts with the web application, however, it will not be increased any longer than the absolute timeout. For example, with default values, a user who logs in at 9 AM would be able to stay signed in until 10 AM. If a file uploaded happens before 10 AM (i.e at 9:45 AM) the session is automatically extended until 10:45 AM. This can happen over and over again until the user signs out (at which point the session is terminated) or a day has passed (1 day is the default absolute timeout).

Please note that a very small value (i.e one hour) may lead to interrupted uploads while large values can negatively impact security.


File Settings




Download authentication required

This setting specifies if the files uploaded using MetaDefender Vault can be downloaded with or without requiring the user to login before downloading.



This option specifies if file sharing between users is allowed or not.

Advanced sanitization

Allows users to skip sanitization: data sanitization can be skipped when uploading a file if the users wishes so.
Block files without sanitization: this option will ensure that files that were not sanitized are not available for download and will reach "Blocked: No Sanitization" state.



In order for this feature to work 5. Supervisor Approval must be enabled and 2. Multi-scanning and Data Sanitization must be configured.

The Blocked: No Sanitization state can only be changed by administrators by approving the file on Processing History page. Also, make a note of the fact that supervisors cannot allow a file in Blocked: No Sanitization state even by approving it.

Limit maximum file size

Enable this option if you wish to set a maximum size limit when a file is uploaded.


User quota (limit total files size)

Enable this option to limit user storage. When this setting is active

  • All users will not be allowed to upload any files that would exceed the quota

  • Current storage status will be shown at the information dropdown list area


Expiration date

Every file has its own expiration date. A default value can be configured with this option. Once a file expires it is permanently removed.

Allow editing file expiration date by users

Upon disable this option, the user is unable to change the file expiration time at uploading time, the value is set by default as the Expiration date