8.11 Language (BETA)

From the Settings → Language page an administrator can configure language (localization) related options.


Select a default language for new accounts

If most of your users require a non-English language this option can be used to select one. Newly created users will automatically see texts in the specified language.

Add a custom language

By default, MetaDefender Vault is shipped with English and Japanese languages installed, however, an administrator can download one of these language files and translate the texts such that a new language is available in MetaDefender Vault.

Step by step guide to add a custom language

  1. Select a target language from the list of available languages

  2. Select a source language from which to translate

  3. Download the source language file

  4. Translate the draft file using your favorite text editor

    1. The draft file is a JSON formatted file in the format of “KEY” : “VALUE”, where value represents the translated text

    2. This should be an iterative process. It is probably a good idea to translate only a few texts, upload the file (step. 4) and then see the results.

    3. While we strive to have suggestive names, some of the keys may seem cryptic. Please send us an email and we can help you locate those texts.

    4. Our suggestion is to open a browser and start with the texts you find. For example, you can search in the draft file for values like “OK”, “CANCEL”, “LOGIN” etc.

  5. Upload the translated file.

    1. Validation will take place to ensure that all the necessary key are present, however, you might need to apply some more changes if you find out that some texts do not fit well on the screen.

  6. You can now choose to use this language as the default language for new accounts or go to User Settings → Language and change your current language to see the results.

  7. Make sure to read the information regarding the upgrade procedure below.

Upgrade procedure with custom language(s)

It is important to mention that the development team is adding (or removing) texts in almost every release. This happens because whenever there is a new functionality it usually requires new texts. Because of this, it is a good practice to repeat the translation process described above after each upgrade.

Please note that whenever there is a new version of MetaDefender Vault the draft file will be modified such that unused keys are removed and new keys are added. To make sure that all the texts are translated please follow these steps:

  1. After upgrading MetaDefender Vault select the language you want to update at step 1

  2. Select the same language at step 2 and download it at step 3

  3. Translate any texts that are still in English (these are new texts added by the development team)

  4. Upload the modified file