13. Release Notes

2.0.6 MetaDefender Vault

Release Date: 15 July, 2020

MetaDefender Vault 2.0.6 is a feature release primarily focused on enhancements and bug fixes

New In This Release

Easy security configuration from the web console

The newly added security configuration page allows for easy management of certificates and other security controls.
It is also possible now to enforce a specific version of Transport Layer Security ( TLS) to ensure secure communications.

More information and user friendly features available for supervisors in Pending Approval page

A new column has been added to Pending Approval page such that supervisors can now see the upload date of the file. They now have the option to configure the view to show / hide columns.

Bug fixes

UTF-8 character encoding for Syslog servers

Audit events are now correctly displayed in a Syslog when there are non-ASCII characters in the message

Folder download does not contain the correct number of files

Due to a race condition when creating the archive it could happen that a folder download would have some missing files inside