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Why Metadefender Secure File Transfer?

Metadefender Secure File Transfer (SFT) offers a safe process for transferring files to and from secure networks as well as a way to safely store and limit access to files. With the native integration between SFT and Metadefender Core, you can be sure that only files that were not detected as a threat will be accessible by your organization.

Metadefender SFT offers the following capabilities:

  • Integration to Metadefender Core to specify your secure file access criteria:

    • Scan for malware with multiple AV engines (the number of AV engines depends on your Metadefender Core package)

    • Sanitize certain types of files (MS Office documents, PDFs, images, and more)

    • Check for file type accuracy and consistency

    • Allow or reject specific file types

    • Check for file vulnerabilities

    • Detect archive bombs

  • Sending and receiving files securely inside the organization

  • Advanced authentication for regular contacts and increased security

  • File life-cycle management

  • Administrative overview of the files being exchanged through SFT

  • Active directory integration

  • Role based access (Administrator, Registered User, Guest)

  • Audit trail for each file, including who uploaded and downloaded the file and when

  • Notifications for File Transfer

  • Easy setup (built-in web server and database)

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