User Guide

About This Guide

Welcome to the SafeConnect Getting Started guide. This guide is intended to provide the information you need to:

  • Get started on your deployment

  • Understand how to get help and support

  • Point you to other resources, such as configuration guides

Download and Configure SafeConnect NAC

Follow these instructions to download and configure SafeConnect NAC:

  1. Download the SafeConnect image that matches chosen license count:

  2. Follow the instructions in the VM Deployment Guide to install and configure SafeConnect in the admin's virtual environment.

  3. Configure SafeConnect:


Visit the OPSWAT Support portal at

Administration Guides

Visit this page for the complete set of administration guides.

Product Announcements

Opt in to Product Announcements on the SafeConnect Announcements page.


See OPSWAT's Training Resources for New Administrators to learn more.

Customer Knowledgebase

Visit our Customer Knowledgebase for more helpful articles about how to use OPSWAT's SafeConnect product.