Temporary SafeConnect Issues due to recent DNS Changes

An improvement to the myweblogon.com DNS infrastructure occurred today on October 23rd, late afternoon. This change allows Impulse to better manage the portal.myweblogon.com domain as well as prepare the domain for future expansions for improved end user experience with SafeConnect.

We would not have expected any end user impact, as the improvements made should not have triggered the registrar to update any core DNS records. We apologize for any issues that may have occurred as we have received reports in which the registrar did update the DNS record for our portal.myweblogon.com domain to no longer accurately resolve. Due to this, some devices may have had a brief outage in connectivity/policy compliance.

If you have any questions, concerns, or unexpected behavior reports, such as Policy Key devices unexpectedly failing or devices unable to reach the portal.myweblogon.com URL, please reach out to Impulse Support at our Impulse Support Portal