Sending RADIUS Accounting to SafeConnect for Cisco WLC

Step-by-step guide

1. Set Call Station ID Type and MAC Address Delimiter

Navigate to Security > AAA > RADIUS > Authentication. Ensure 'Call Station ID Type' is 'System MAC Address' and 'No Delimiter' is selected. Save the configuration by clicking the 'Apply' button.


2. Add a RADIUS Accounting server globally

Navigate to Security > AAA > RADIUS > Accounting. Ensure 'MAC Delimiter' is set to 'No Delimiter'. Click on 'New…' to add a new Accounting Server.


Enter the IP address of your SafeConnect Enforcer or in a cluster the Manager as the server IP address. Any shared secret can be used, but must be the same in both systems.


3. Configure Secure WLAN Settings – Layer 2

Navigate to WLANs and choose a WPA2 Enterprise SSID. In the WLAN settings, navigate to Security > AAA Servers. Choose as an Accounting server using standard port 1813. Ensure 'Interim Update' is checked. Click 'Apply' when finished.

Do NOT make any edits to the Authentication server settings.