Remote Access Requirements

The Access Requirements below are used to facilitate installation, testing, training, support, monitoring, backups and upgrades of your SafeConnect Appliance(s) which is included as part of your Managed Service.

  • Allow outbound HTTP/HTTPS (port 80 and 443) to below resources from host x.x.x.x (SafeConnect Appliance Private IP):

    • Service Name: Amazon Web Services (Appliance Configuration Backups)

    • Resources:




  • Allow outbound for following services from host x.x.x.x (SafeConnect Appliance Private IP):

    • Services: HTTPS, DNS, NTP

NOTE – Outbound access rules are only applicable if outbound filtering is in place. If DNS, NTP and SMTP are all housed internally, firewall rules should be configured to allow those resources.

If any questions arise please contact your OPSWAT Deployment Engineer or OPSWAT Support.