SafeConnect RADIUS Test and Validate

At this point, the wireless SSID or port is now configured and ready to test. Please connect a test device to confirm functionality.

Step-by-step guide

Securing Clients

It is strongly recommended to configure proper server validation on the client side where possible. Proper server validation is the only effective way to prevent a potential Man-In-The-Middle attack on your network users. Alternatively, using a product such as SafeConnect Secure BYOD On-boarding can automate this process for non-technical end users.

The specific configuration will vary based on the client OS and version. When the SafeConnect RADIUS server is configured in Direct Mode, the following configuration is recommended for securing the RADIUS connection:

Option 1 (preferred on most clients):

This option specifies only the root CA of the SafeConnect RADIUS server certificate.


Option 2:

This options specifies both the root and intermediate CAs of the SafeConnect RADIUS server certificate.