SafeConnect RADIUS Server Configuration


The following guide covers steps to configure SafeConnect as a RADIUS server. By configuring SafeConnect as a RADIUS server, multiple options become available to the environment:

  • A RADIUS authentication server with the ability to support the following authentication types:

    • MAC authentication

    • EAP-PEAP (Direct Active Directory Authentication)

  • Ability to conditionally proxy RADIUS server requests to any number of upstream RADIUS servers.

  • Ability to assign a specific set of RADIUS attributes on association. The specific attributes available will depend on the vendor that is chosen and can include:

    • VLAN assignments

    • Vendor specific profiles or roles

    • ACL names

  • Ability to perform enforcement actions using just the RADIUS NAS device.

SafeConnect Installation

If you have not configured your SafeConnect appliance with an IP address and confirmed access to the proactive Impulse Management Services, please contact your OPSWAT Network Specialist at

Step 1: SafeConnect RADIUS Server Authentication Mode Configuration

Step 2: SafeConnect RADIUS Clients Configuration

Step 3: SafeConnect RADIUS Network Environment Configuration

Step 4: SafeConnect Roles for use with RADIUS

Troubleshooting: SafeConnect RADIUS Troubleshooting