SafeConnect Layer 3 Network Integration Scripts


The scripts and information on this page provide information to configure network devices to integrate with SafeConnect. In order for the integration to function, all of the SafeConnect system steps outlined on the SafeConnect Layer 3 Integration page must be completed as well.

SafeConnect Layer 3 Router/Switch Integration Scripts

The following scripts are provided to integrate Layer 3 routers/switches with SafeConnect. For information on supported makes/models/versions, please refer to the article below and review the Network Integration Requirements section.

SafeConnect Technical Requirements

If any errors are encountered or there are questions regarding the script, email with the make/model of the device along with a screenshot of the errors and a support ticket will be generated.

NOTE - In order for PBR to function properly, the router must have a Layer 3 interface in the subnet the SafeConnect system resides in.

NOTE - Scripts provided below are designed to be cut and paste and non-disruptive, however, organizations are encouraged to followed existing change control guidelines.

NOTE - Scripts provided below are designed to only be modified in designated areas where variables are listed. Making other modifications to the scripts may cause the script not to function and/or impact production network traffic. ***Be sure to remove all comments in () before applying the script***

NOTE - Do not run scripts from behind Layer 3 interfaces that will be under SafeConnect policy as terminal session connectivity loss may occur.

. NOTE – Ensure routing on the test subnet for which the script is applied has already been validated before applying the script.

Brocade/Ruckus/Arris/Extreme (ICX and MLX Series)