Professional Services Offering

  1. Definitions

    1. "Customer" is defined as either a single individual or legal entity working with Impulse product offerings.

    2. "Request" is defined as a report, issue, how-to, or integration request to provide assistance or support to the Customer.

    3. "Professional Service(s)" is/are defined as an associated billable project or hourly estimated set of task(s) performed by service or quote considered by Impulse technical personnel for Requests deemed outside of normal managed support operations, as defined by our Service Level Agreement.

    4. "Resolution" is defined as the completion of a Request for Professional Service(s).

    5. "SOW" is defined as a Statement of Work. This contains information pertaining to the time taken by Impulse to provide a Resolution to a Customer Request. This is considered an estimate for the planned time to Resolution, of which additional time would result in a request for an updated SOW.

  2. Professional Services

    1. In the case where a Professional Service is warranted for a Request, a Customer can acquire Professional Services Hours through the following methods:

      1. Request a Block of Professional Services Hours (Recommended Method)

      2. Obtain an SOW at the time of Request for the number of hours needed to obtain a Resolution.

    2. Impulse provides Professional Services at a rate not to exceed $250/hour, which covers the necessary resources and work needed to complete a Customer Request within the expected time-frame.

    3. Impulse will utilize necessary resources to provide Customer with a Resolution to the Request. This may require internal escalations to Development or other departments and would be included in SOW unless stated otherwise.

  3. Examples of Professional Services

    1. Custom Development Work

      1. Significant Web Page Modifications, exceeding 20 minutes of work required on said Request. Pertaining to web development languages on web pages seen by end user(s) or administrator(s). This service uses one service hour per every two hours of work required to complete this.

      2. Major database reports that can be accomplished with remote database replication, exceeding 30 minutes of combined time in creation, execution, and completion of said Request. This service uses one service hour per every two hours of work required to complete this.

      3. Custom created appliance scripts, including, but not limited to, time-based scripts or customer-specific requests on a system not within the software's current functionality

    2. Network Integration Services, including, but not limited to, additions/changes to existing network infrastructure, expansion of SafeConnect integration within existing network infrastructure or modifying how SafeConnect is integrated with the network.

    3. On-Site Visits, including on-site support and training in the case where the remote support and training is not sufficient.

    4. After Hours Services work to be completed by Impulse outside of normal operating hours of 830AM – 530PM EST. Common use cases are SafeConnect Software Upgrades and System Migrations.

    5. Major SafeConnect policy re-configurations exceeding 1 hour of work required on said Request. Pertaining to updating SafeConnect configurations, policies, qualifiers, scripts, etc. to accommodate Customer Request.

    6. Third-Party Integrations and Support exceeding 20 minutes of work required on said Request. Pertaining to integration task(s) or out-of-scope support of a third-party system not affiliated with Impulse or Impulse products.